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Approximately one year ago I paid a hefty price for a silver lab puppy from Patrick Wickliffe in Springfield,OH. Recently, my lab developed significant hair loss accompanied by lesions and sores. After several painful skin scrapes and two biopsies it was determined that she suffers from color dilution...

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alopecia, a genetic disorder directly caused by breeding these dogs for their color. I approached the breeder via email to no avail.

However, he quickly updated his website to include that "alpaca"(I assume he means alopecia) can occur but is not covered by the health warranty. Luckily, my dog does not suffer from alpaca!! I sent a second email andApproximately one year ago I paid a hefty price for a silver lab puppy from Patrick Wickliffe in Springfield,OH. Recently, my lab developed significant hair loss accompanied by lesions and sores.

After several painful skin scrapes and two biopsies it was determined that she suffers from color dilution he finally responded by copying and pasting the health warranty, alpaca included. When I was buying a pup from him he always responded to my emails. He must think I want my money back which I don't. I wanted him to know that my beloved pet suffers from a rare genetic disorder that inflicts pain for which there is no cure.

I also wanted him to know that the dermatologic veternarian,after receiving the pathology report(regarding skin biopsies) from the Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab Center for Veterinary Health Sciences from Oklahoma State University,recommended that my dog should never be bred. Additionally, she recommends "against further breeding of either the sire or the dam" from which my dog was produced. My concern is that there are other people out there buying this "fad" color without realizing the issues that accompany it.

I would hope that Mr. Wickliffe would stop breeding the dam and sire after I provided him with this information.

Location: Owasso, Oklahoma

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You people should have done your research before deciding on any of the diluted colored Labs, they all carry the DD gene,and that is what causes the alopecia, not to say all Diluted colors will come down with it, but they are more prone to it. Silvers, Charcoals, Champagnes are all considered Diluted colors and carry the gene that causes this.


My Silver lab just healed from something like this, it took months!! Cleaning it daily and spraying with analgesic topical. He keeps scratching the areas opening them up periodically- a cone doesn’t help, neither do socks.


I got a 7 week old silver lab today, and now I'm kind of worried.


I am sorry you are having troubles with your pup. Unfortunately the dilute gene that makes your dog silver is the reason for the disease. Dilute Labradors should not be bred


Hello my husband and I paid 900 for a silver lab and have been searching for the answer to her hair loss. Our vet told us it was a food allergy.

Problem is no matter what food we give her she still looses her coat. I was so happy (not happy for the poor dogs) to see your post saying what I asked the vet already hundreds of dollars ago. I think these breeders should be stopped and NOT allowed AKC reg. They are only hurting the breeds and breeding for color or to combine breeds for new ones without any concern about what it does to these poor animals (owners too).

Thank you so very much. Now we come to our vet it's quite possible he is just a small town vet only wanting to make money, we pay a lot of money for her to see him and the special diet he sells us because of her food allergy. If its ok with you I will show both the vet and the breeder your article.

Thank you again. Oh ya time for a new vet too!


900? I paid $500 for the pure bred puppy that was only 6 months.

It was up to date on shots and nuetered. The reason he was cheaper was because the owner of the boy dog that bred the puppy, filled out his papers wrong, so it doesn't have.as much paper work, but I don't really care. Also I got him from a liter of about 10 of it's siblings, and one of their colors were not deluted, so there was one brown one. Although these dogs can have a lot of SK n and hair issues, they are very pretty and loving.

I'm glad I chose to get a silver lab! Your welcome!


This is what happens when you want some "designer" dog that was never meant to be . .


your dog's medical issues are your fault because it's people like you who create the demand for breeding. Adopt don't shop!


The dogs already exist, *** hat.


You should report this breeder to the proper authorities. Puppy Mills & people that buy from them really need to think about what they are doing.

Not all breeders are liars & thief's but the ones that are need to be shut down.


I will never feel bad for someone who paid $1000 for a puppy... There is something really wrong with that


Anonymous -- you couldn't be more wrong. Please do NOT lump all breeders into one category.

There is a small percentage of breeders out there doing things right. Improving the health and structure of the breed.

Not sure if you are aware -- that most dogs in shelters end up there due to behavioral issues. Granted, temperament is about 90% genetic.

REAL breeders know this.

I volunteer for a rescue organization and have seen this first hand. The early spay/neuter program has done its job, but is now killing our dogs. We now need to promote TRAINING!

In regards to the "Pissed Consumer".

You purchased a Labrador with a disqualifying fault. I am so sorry you were taken in by this person -- however, the first sign that something was wrong was that this "money grubbing puppy miller" was breeding a "silver" Labrador. There is no such thing as a "silver". In the early 20th century another less than reputable breeder crossed a Labrador with a Weimaraner and then registered the litter as purebred Labs with the AKC.

Unfortunately that was so many generations ago that it is impossible to prove with DNA at this point; however, you need to only look at the dog to see the Weimaraner characteristics.

Education is power.


Most dogs end up in shelters due to irresponsible owners. They don't spay, neuter, socialize or train them.

They think they are suppose to magically learn manners. Once they are not a cute puppy or are inconvenient they dump them.


Puppy mills should be abolished!


I have to comment because people who buy dogs from breeders should expect some kind of problem. Breeders in breed which causes all sorts of genetic problems as well as breed specific problems. With so many healthy unwanted animals in the world I wonder why anyone would pay alot for any pet


People want "designer pets". Mutts are healthier and better balanced than in-bred pure-breeds AND, you're saving an innocent from a death sentence!


Alopecia (at least in humans) is treatable with steroids. I know, I had it as a child and they gave me hundreds of steroid injections.


Be careful when reading issues of alopecia in silver or dilute labs. Not all silvers or dilutes have this problem, in fact, most do not.

If you are thinking of getting a silver or dilute puppy, be sure the breeder from whom you are buying breeds back to the dominant gene. In other words your risk is greatest if a silver is bred to another silver -- very bad breeding indeed. On the other hand the best combination is a silver-factored black or chocolate bred to a silver or another silver factored black.

Breeding for strength, rather than weakness (recessive) is best. Alopecia risk is reduced considerably by breeding back to a dominant color.


Mr. Wickliffe's "illness" had nothing to do with the genetically defective dogs he peddled.

He knew what he was doing, selling dogs that carried the gene for CDA. You profess that he wasn't able to communicate with us, however he was able to banter back on "public forums" with dissatisfied customers. If his illness precluded him from conducting his business affairs, he should have appointed someone to carry out his responsibilities. Yes, he had a responsibility to breed sound dogs and honor his breeding practices by following his warranty.

He didn't provide buyers with sound dogs. So take your "illness card" and play it somewhere else.


Almost all dogs carry the gene, breeding for color and breading a "dd" in a breed that normally doesn't have the genetic variation causes the CDA.


Sick and absolutely discussed in reading this! Pat was an amazing man and loved his dogs cows horses and every living thing he came in contact with!

Maybe had you further investigated instead of throwing accusations on a public forum you would have found the reason why pay never responded is because he became very ill and is no longer with us!

Maybe in knowing this you will think before you open your fat mouth in the future! I'm sure pat is smiling down and praying for the health of all of his animals especially his very own that had to be so sadly rehomed!

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