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I have posted a prior complaint as Avoid Wicks Silver Labs Please.I wanted to post another picture of my silver lab's most recent hair loss due to the genetic condition bred within Wick's Silver Labs and could not add another photo to the intial complaint.

Mr. Wick finally responded to my complaint saying that it is my responsibility as a consumer to research the problems that can occur when buying a rare colored dog.

Therefore, I believe it is my duty to help potential buyers to understand what can happen when dogs are bred for "rare" colors.Sores did not accompany the hair loss in my dog this time, thankfully.

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Bay City, Michigan, United States #742271

It is very common for any female dog to loose a significant amount of her coat after whelping a litter.This is due to the demands of pregnancy, whelping and lactating on her body.

Her coat will usually return to a normal state as her body returns to it's non-pregnancy state.

This hair loss should not be a permanent condition.

Wasilla, Alaska, United States #730307

I did not purchase my dog from the same people as you did, but I've had my dog for eight years now and she had a litter of puppies when she was four, then all her hair fell out.Problems with her still continue, such as: constant vaginal bleeding that never stops, small scabs (not as bad as your dog).

But these problems are serious and my parents do not have the money to take my silver lab Misty to the vet. It's really sad for me because she is the most important person in my life and I am afraid with her bad condition that it might shorten her life. We kept one of her puppies from her first and only litter and bred her three months ago; her hair fell out, but is now growing in slowly. My family bred her with a chocolate lab and now we have a new puppy from that litter.

I am hoping for better results in my new puppy Luna, now that she is only silver factored. I love my three girl dogs that I have and all my puppies that we had to sell (I couldn't stop crying) and I hope that they don't have any bad conditions throughout their lifetime. Even though I love silver labs extremely, I would never wish this on a dog. I hope that the color gets banned from breeding.

Because now that people know, they shouldn't be doing this.

It hurts me to see my babies so sick.I hope all silver labs are doing okay, and if you're wanting to breed them, PLEASE just breed them with a really good akc lab (chocolate, black, yellow, ect..) PLEASE!

Bloomington, Illinois, United States #638826

I just bought a puppy from theese people who lie out their teeth just to sell a dog or puppy came to my house from ohio to illinois and had real bad diaherria and vomiting.

i took her to the vet she was sick and full of parasites. Dustin the "breeder" lol says its my fault and the puppy was fine when it left his house. if you look on their guarantee page you have 3 days to take the pup to the vet and if anything is wrong with the pup you will be given a full refund, i tell Dustin about and he cusses me out. what can i do?

sue him?

Im a really pissed customer!!!!!!!!!a thousand bux is way to much to spend on one of his dogs

to another one who got scammed!!! Monroe, Michigan, United States #640320

I have never dealt with Dustin regarding the health problems my dog had, I only had the displeasure of dealing with the late Mr.Pat Wickliff.

Sounds like Dustin isn't any nicer than Mr. Wickliffe and is continuing the practice of running a very profitable puppy mill. Unfortunately, from my year long experience in dealing with this puppy mill, I never got one dime of my money back and spent more for advanced vet care. Ohio is notorious for being one of the top "puppy mill" states in the US.

I would suggest that you start your own complaint if you haven't already done so. And continue to post on all the other complaints for Wicks as well. Also complain to BBB of Springfield OH. You probably won't get anywhere with the BBB,but its worth the chance that it will get listed as a complaint "resolved" status.

It lets others know that something is amiss. I went to Mr.

Wickliffe's house, I saw his dogs and what a bunch of ratty dogs they use as "breeding" stock.Absolutely correct, NOT WORTH THE $$$$$$$$ :(


Nadine- Glad you are so happy with your puppy.Hope you don't get a "lemon" on your next purchase.

A $1000 is a lot of money to pay and then end up with a dog like the one we got. We are not concerned about Mr. Wickliffe's "livelihood", because he is not worried about his reputation as a so called "breeder". If he was, he would stand behind his breeding practices and his health warranty.

We expected to get what we paid for- A QUALITY LAB DOG! We did not get A QUALITY LAB DOG. Sorry but your "lemon" rational is ridiculous. If we wanted a "lemon" we could have found one at the pound.

For that matter, we probably would have gotten a better dog at the pound for a lot less money and aggravation.Perhaps in your spare time you should take an English class and learn how to write an intelligent sentence/paragraph.

to Gottaken2 #887145

It wont let me reply to "gottaken2" but people like YOU make me SICK!!!Saying if you "wanted a lemon you would of went to the pound" a LOT of good animals are at the pound and get put to sleep on a regular basis because of breeders.

So what your dog has some hair loss, get it some steroids and move on.yOu most likely thought you were going to breed it and make thousands off it, and i for one am glad you cant!!!


I love my puppy I bought from wicks!Best dog I ever purchased!

Looking to purchase another one. I am saddened to hear all the negativity that you are exposing... Do you not realize you can ruin someone's livelyhood for what oh are writing. If you are a true dog lover and have had pets in the past, you should be knowledgable to the fact that any animal purchase; whether from wicks it somewhere else could be what some would call a " lemon" .

I and friends gave purchased animals in the past that have not always been what we wish to expect, but that is what comes with any animal!

If you have a child that is born with a disorder, are you going to blame the parents all the time or the doctor who delivered the baby!Grow p and find something positive to do in your spare time!


There is now a 3rd person who has posted that they have a silver lab from Mr.Wickliffe and it has alopecia as well.

I am wondering how many more people who bought puppies from Mr.

Wickliffe have dogs with alopecia.?The 3rd owner's comment is posted under " Wicks Silver Labs sold me a genetically defective dog" (posted by "Dana".


I am sorry to hear that your dog is again experiencing further hair loss.I was really hoping things would improve and there would be no more CDA issues.

I believe it is a matter of when, not if my dog will have further hair loss problems again. I have had difficulty posting pictures and comments, on this site in the past. I have continued to try to keep this topic available myself so people can have information regarding the CDA in "rare" silver colored labs.

It is a shame that Mr.Wickliffe is allowed to continue, in my opinion, his unethical breeding practices and scamming buyers.

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