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Even though Pat Wickliffe has passed away his kennel continues to pump out puppies. For a business that advertises "1-2 litters a year" on its Better Business site there has been 7 litters produced in 2012 and Wicks Silver Labs is now taking deposits for future litters.

Taking deposits on puppies site unseen. There is no information or pictures of the parents on these prospective pups either. Buyer beware ! Don't buy anything, especially a puppy online.

We bought our puppy from a picture posted on that site. We had to have her put down at 13 months old due to escalating aggression towards our family and other pets in our home. We consulted our vet to rule out a possible medical condition causing the aggression. There were no medical issues that could explain her behavior.

We also consulted a behavioral therapist who advised us that her aggression was related to her breeding, or lack of quality breeding and that in all likelihood she would not respond to behavioral therapy. We were told just like there are people who are mentally unbalanced, there are also animals that are mentally unbalanced. Breeding puppies should be taken very seriously and great thought and effort should be exercised in this endeavor. When quantity is the goal, quality will go out the window.

Our puppy also had color dilution alopecia (CDA) and had lost most of her fur. Wicks Silver Lab did not include CDA as an excluded genetic condition at the time we bought our puppy. It was only after we attempted to hold Mr. Wickliffe to his health warranty that he added it as an exclusion.

Mr. Wickliffe never did honor our contract under the replacement clause. We lost our money, we lost our puppy and no one at Wicks Silver Labs has made any effort or shown any compassion for our situation. DON'T BUY A PUPPY FROM WICKS SILVER LABS.


The aforementioned is the sole opinion and/or experience of the writer. Any prospective buyer should thoroughly research any breeder that they may be considering purchasing a puppy from and come to their own conclusions/decision as whether to purchase from a breeder. There are many puppies and dogs waiting in local shelters for loving homes.

Consider adoption. We wish we had.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Is this the breeder in Ohio?

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