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We bought a "silver" lab puppy from Wicks Silver Labs (Pat Wickliffe-breeder) in Dec 2011. Five days after having her home she started losing the fur on her face.

We had her tested for manage at our local vet, testing was negative for manage ($75) . The fur loss progress in patches over her entire body. We notified Mr. Wickliffe regarding the hair loss.

He replied that he had contacted all the other owners of our pup's litter mates and none were having any problems with fur loss.Mr. Wickliffe stated that in 11 years of breeding our pup was the "first" puppy that had ever had fur loss. He recommended using an ointment that is used on horses and Nu-Vet vitamins. Mr.

Wickliffe advertises Nu-Vet vitamins on his site. He has a designated code that you use to order the vitamins with. By using this code, Mr. Wickliffe gets a commission for the sales.

Not to mention these vitamins are extremely expensive. As the fur loss progressed (keep in mind we had only had her about 3 weeks), we decided to take our pup to Michigan State University Veterinary Clinic, which is considered the best possible place in Michigan to take your pet with difficult health issues. At our first visit at MSU vet for the fur loss, we also found out that our pup has an inverted vulva. This condition can cause chronic urinary tract infections and usually has to be corrected surgically ($?).

Mr. Wickliffe professes that he has been breeding for over 10 years and he didn't know that our pup had this vulva defect. Any quality breeder would know and should know about this defect and either not sell the pup or at the very least inform the buyer. Shortly thereafter our pup started urinating blood, we had to take her to urgent care and was treated for urinary tract infection ($347).

Keep in mind that this is still within the first 3 weeks of owning our pup. At our first visit at MSU vet another set of skin scrapings for manage were taken and found to be negative. MSU vet recommended that we take a "watch and see" approach and if the hair loss continued to return in a month and have skin biopsies done ($157). The fur loss continued at such a rapid rate we returned to MSU vet and saw a dermatology specialist vet.

Three punch skin biopsies were taken under local anesthsia with stitches to close each biopsy site ($200). The skin biopsies were positive for genetic-color dilution alopecia. Prognosis was that the fur may grow back completely, however she may lose her part or all of her coat in the future and if she does it will be permanent. The good news is she has grown her coat back with the exception of one of the biopsy sites.

The bad news is that now we sit on pins and needles wondering if she will lose her coat in the future. Mr. Wickliffe was emailed throughout this whole process. He stopped responding to us after the second email was sent.

We called the Clark County Humane Society to see if Mr. Wickliffe had ever had any complaints against him. We were so frustrated that he would not respond to us, we paid $1000 for a "healthy" pup and he wasn't going to honor his health warranty. Well Mr.

Wickliffe finally responded to me by phone, when the Humane Society showed up at his door. He called me screaming at me about the Humane Society. I found out from the Humane Society that he did not have a kennel license. He did not have a vendor license-which is required in Ohio so he can pay sales tax to the state.

If he isn't paying sales tax, one would have to wonder if he pays state and federal income tax on his inferior puppy profits.? Mr. Wickliffe was finally reached by phone and agreed to replace our pup- but that our pup would have to be "put to sleep most likely". Mr.

Wickliffe further stated that he didn't know when he would have a "replacement" puppy. ??? We should return our pup (which we have bonded with and spent a lot of money on already), so he can have her euthanized and we can wait for him to provide us with a new pup! He doesn't even return emails let alone a new pup!

The last email that Mr. Wickliffe sent to us stated that he knew that I was "going to be nothing but trouble" after I picked up our pup at his house. Why because I asked questions? Because I had a gut feeling that this guy was a scammer.

I should have followed my gut and walked away from the transaction. I wasn't impressed with him or his "breeding" dams and sire (one male to six females). One dam had completely lost her entire coat. He told me that "she always blows her coat after having a litter".

He did not allow me to have any contact with the parents or litter mates. He further stated that my husband and I are not welcomed on his property and if we come to his house, we will be considered "trespassers and the proper authorities will be called". Seriously, trespassers! I wasn't a trespasser when I had that cold hard $1000's of cash in my hand.

He stated he would only communicate by email (that's funny dude, you don't even return emails )! Mr. Wickliffe treated us disrespectfully and worse yet he could care less about our pup's health and well-being. In his last email he stated 4 times about our pup being put to sleep.

He plays on people's emotions and counts on that to solve his poor breeding problems. Mr. Wickliffe use to have the buyers name, city and state by each puppy he sold on his website. I emailed one of these buyers to let them know our problems and all of a sudden the names and addresses of buyers disappeared off his site as did his address.

He then added "alpaca" (which should have been "alopecia" and any quality breeder would know that) was not covered under the health warranty.

Interesting to me. I would NOT recommend that anyone buy a puppy from Pat Wickliffe at Wicks Silver Labs or Blue Jean Bullies.

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We bought a silver lab 3 years ago. Don't waste anymore money on testing.

My puppy too was the only puppy who loses her fur. She had a poor coat when we purchased her from another breeder. She has never had an under coat and from doing a lot of research it Appears she has CDA color dilution alopecia. There really isn't a protocol but to give apple cider vinegar, fish oil, vitamin a and melatonin.

I have been doing this for almost a year and her coat has been great until the shedding season and she is bald again. It is so upsetting! From what I have read, this is prevalent in diluted colors.

Wish I had known. Google color dilution alopecia...good luck!


Why don't people research anything before they get pets? Or adopt a perfectly good dog from the shelter-skelter for way less than $1000??


Thank you for your information.


There is NO SUCH THING AS A SILVER LAB!!!! Black, Yellow and Chocolate only!

These poorly bred Designer Dogs have these problems due to having Weimaraner genes in them, alopecia is common in that breed. Purebred Labradors DO NOT have the gene that cause dilution naturally! It comes from cross breeding! Buyer beware, don't let what happened to these uninformed people happen to you!

No such thing as a silver lab! True Labrador people will and always will uphold this fact!

Dallas, Texas, United States #997990

Sorry but what do you expect when buying from a puppy mill?

Cranford, New Jersey, United States #905417

It's "mange", not "manage".


Finding a reputable breeder is huge when looking for a lab. Any breeder that makes you uneasy is probably a scam.

Also, please remember, there are three colors of labs, black, yellow and chocolat, not silver or red, or anything else. Sorry you got scammed, but even sorrier for the poor dogs being bred wrong!

Monroe, Michigan, United States #640325

Thank you Dustin and/or friends for your 35 bu@@sh@@ votes. Facts don't lie and I have the medical records from Michigan State University Vet Hospital to prove it and many pictures of the genetic train wreck you bred.

The only reason that you don't honor your so called "warranty" is because so many people have or are having health issues with a dog they purchased from your "kennel". It would bankrupt you if you actually did the right thing and refund buyer's money. Wicks Silver Labs also "breed" English Bull dogs, under the name of Blue Jean Bullies Kennel.

Which they sell as high as $5K. Do not buy a dog from this puppy mill operation.


I owned a chocolate for only 11.5 years , after the first year he started to lose his coat. My vet said it was a meat allergy.

I fed my dog Iams fish and potatoe dog food for the rest of his life and he never lost his coat again.

It was very expensive, because it is a perscribion dog food. Hope this helps someone.


Wisebuyer- If you "did research" and got such a wonderful dog (4 years ago) from Pat Wickli$$e,


Your comment makes NO SENSE which isn't surprising.


Thank you Jeff for your compassionate words.You brought up some enlightening perspectives that I had not consciously identified, I know see that Willow was struggling everyday no matter what I provided her with. I racked my brain so many times trying to figure out what I was missing, what did I need to do different. I know now that there wasn't anything I could do to change Willow's behavior or how she understood her environment.

I am not going to feel guilty about having to make the humane choice, the choice that would bring Willow final peace.

Pat Wickliffe is responsible for bringing Willow into this world by irresponsible breeding, with no regard to the quality of her breeding rather only to the opportunity to fill his greedy pockets with money. Pat Wickliffe is responsible for Willow having to leave this earth and her family that loved her so much, far too early in her innocent life.

I have posted on this site since Feb 2012 after seeing a post from another owner of one of Pat Wickliffe's dogs that had color dilution alopecia like Willow.I have tried to stay current on posting so that perhaps other potential buyers would see Willow's story and not buy a puppy from Mr. Wickliffe. I will never know if I accomplished this goal or not, but I have to think I did help prevent at least one person from having to go through a year of what we have.

Our house is quite now, too quite. I am so use to keeping tabs on Willow constantly that I caught myself looking for her. I expect her to come around the corner or to find her sleeping on the couch. This is so very hard. I miss her so much.


i have a silver lab from pat she is 4 yrs old and never had any problems I did research before I spent any cash


I am responding to a post on regarding my lab that I had to put down due to excessive aggression.

I am very sorry to hear that you had to make the dreadful decision to put Willow down. My lab Ruger has been gone over a month now, and I still get teary eyed typing this response.

I really understand your comment about the feeling of failure, as I have used the exact same wording as how I felt about Ruger, I feel that I failed him in having to put him down at 3 years of age. But you are right, you did the right thing.

The one thing that I have learned now that Ruger has been gone a while, was that he was not at peace, every day was a struggle for him and it wasn't until they put Ruger down, that I ever saw him relaxed. After they gave him the shot and he was gone, I then saw my dog the most relaxed he had ever been. He actually looked like a different dog lying there, he looked younger, relaxed, and at peace for once in his life. The guilt of failing Ruger has been immense, but in retrospect, deep down I know I did the right thing too and especially for Ruger's sake which I did not see until after he was gone for a while.

You mentioned Riley, our other two labs are entirely different animals now that Ruger is not present, they are more relaxed and seem happier as well. My point is that I know you and your family are in a lot of pain right now, but I hope that eventually you can find some positives that you did not realize were not there due to Willow not being able to control her aggression.

We both bought from different breeders, but our dogs sounded similar in nature. The wired wrong from the start as you mentioned really hits home, as did much of what you wrote.

I am sorry for your loss, and I hope that you, Riley and your family can capture some sort of peace knowing that Willow was struggling and what you feel as failure actually offered Willow the first true form of relaxation in her short lifetime.

I can tell from your post that Willow will be deeply missed, just as Ruger has been missed by our family. All we can hope is that they are relieved of their struggles that was so unfairly and so wrongly dealt to them by these uncaring breeders.

All the best to you and yours !


Yet another litter (born 10/28/12) from Wicks Silver Labs. Two litters in October 2012 alone.

The seventh litter this year.

And they say it's not a puppy mill...... :sigh


At the rate my dog is losing her fur, she will be bald by Christmas. Such a sad fate for such a precious creature. And Wicks Silver Labs is still selling puppies, what a sad fate for an unsuspecting buyer.


Color dilution alopecia (CDA) is a genetic disorder. If you want a definitive diagnosis for the alopecia you will have to have skin biopsies done.

The dermatologist that tested our dog told us that there is really nothing that can be done for the alopecia,other than to manage the symptoms. Our dog's coat is so thin that you can see her skin right through her fur. She also has many areas of baldness as well. Hopefully Mr.

Wickliffe's breeding dogs will be retired. I knew through all of this that my dog was not the "only" dog with CDA.

This is all very sad for the innocent victimes- the puppies and dogs. Wishing you the best with your dog.


I got my puppy fom Pat Wickliffe in May 2011. She is 19 months old and her fur is wirey and thin.

She doesn't have the undercoat that a lab should have.

I accidently stumbled upon this site while trying to email Wickliffe about her. I was very shocked to see that people are having the same issues and that wickliffe has passed away.Meanwhile I am researching alopecia, she may have a mild case...


I have read that there are a few complaints on here about their dogs and the breeder Mr. Wickliffe.

I seem in one complaint that someone informed of Mr. Wickliffes passing. In fact he did.

I know his family. Just thought I would get it out there if you didn't see it in the one review.


I am confident that the essence of the problem(s) contained within these pissed consumer complaints , is the refusal to value and use basic, effective customer service skills on the part of Mr. Wickliffe.

The success of any business is:

1. to provide the highest quality product(s)/service(s) possible

2. stand behind the product(s)/service(s) offered when a customer has a concern/complaint

3. treat the customer with respect and be genuine in your interactions

4. answer phone calls and emails in a timely manner

5. work with the customer on arriving at a mutually agreed upon resolution of the complaint

6. honor warranties that the customer has abided by

7. follow up with the customer after resolution of the problem.

8. actually do what you say you will do

Customer satisfaction is paramount to any business’ success. Problems will arise in any business from time to time. It is how the business owner views the importance of resolving a customer complaint and the negative effects that ignoring the customer can have on his business through loss of referrals, negative feedback by word of mouth , and on social media sites, all of which cost him on his bottom line-his profit.

There is an additional and very important responsibility to the dog breeding business. The“products”(puppies) are living, breathing , creatures and the “services” is quality breeding practices. Puppies are totally dependent on caring humans to provide for their needs, both physically and socially. Humans tend to bond very quickly to their new puppy and want nothing but the best for them. Mr. Wickliffe has had a choice to either view this responsibility with respect or he can capitalize on the fact that the owner will not want to return the puppy. I believe that he values and counts on the latter. (What I call the “puppy factor”) Thus relieving him of any responsibility or financial cost. It is evident by his callous and purposeful disregard for this emotional component to his business, that he must not view the puppies as living, breathing creatures but rather as a true “products” for sale. ( A product that he can command a sizable price for.) By not replacing genetically defective dogs he is able to protect his profits. It is not and never has been about the money I paid for my dog, Rather it is about a dog that has multiple health issues and suffers due to those health issues. I don’t mind paying for what I was told I was buying but the bait and switch is unforgiveable. This all would have been avoidable if Mr. Wickliffe would have used some customer service skills and not shirked his responsibility as a breeder in all of this. We had a contract, he should have abided by it.

Customer Service, the key to a successful business.


To \"Some people\": AKA wickli$$eIn reference to your statement \"Get a life\"I have a life and a part of my life is caring for my dog that has multiple health issues related to her GENETIC condition of Color Dilution Alopecia. You are the breeder, you are responsible for her genetic makeup, and you sold her as a healthy dog.

YOU are responsible for her existence. How long does the average lab live? 10-14 yrs? You can be sure, that YOU will be a part of my life as long as my dog IS a part of my life.

I\'m NOT going to shut up, walk away or stop advocating for my dog. She is the real victim here and so are all of the other poor, ill bred puppies you allow to be born. So you better get use to \"my life\".

The aforementioned is the sole opinion(s) of the writer. Any prospective buyer(s) should research any breeder and come to their own conclusion(s) if a breeder is someone they wish to do business with.

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